Donor journeys for legacy fundraising

Donor journeys for legacy fundraising

Creating engaging donor journeys that lead to legacies

Engaging your donors is key, and the last two years have taught us there are more ways to do so than through newsletters and events. We also know that engaging older donors is increasingly important, but can also present unique challenges. When it comes to legacy fundraising, charities typically try to engage donors who are 55 and older – but what if we made legacies an integral part of our donor journeys from day one?

This practical masterclass will help you rethink your future and re-engineer your donor journey so supporters are inspired and excited to engage in legacy conversations with your organisation. Starting from the first gift, you will design impactful and inspiring donor journeys within the context of a legacy pipeline. These journeys will build deeper relationships and stronger engagement levels through the years, eventually yielding more legacy pledges.

You will learn how to create engaging legacy donor journeys for every type of donor and using various channels, as well as how to integrate legacy messaging across channels and journeys to increase legacy conversations with your donors. You will return to your organisation with a framework ready to implement immediately that will elevate your legacy programme for years to come.






Ligia Peña
International Legacy Consultant, GlobetrottingFundraiser