Human-centred design: A case study in fundraising

Human-centred design: A case study in fundraising

About this session

Over the past decade, UX design has transformed the consumer experience with a customised approach that seems to know us personally and that makes each step in our purchase journey easier. Imagine if we could use a similar approach to visualise and analyse our donors’ journeys and interactions with our organisations to maximise the outcome of their giving experience.

After moving from Calgary in Canada to Berlin in Germany in the middle of the pandemic, Melody Song’s first project was working with mentorship organisation Rock Your Life to improve their donors’ online experience – work that eventually resulted in a 60% increase in online donation. This session will walk you through the Rock Your Life example, and introduce practical methodologies such as empathy mapping, journey mapping, and service blueprint, showing how fundraisers can use the power of visualisation to help improve every donor moment in their interaction with your organisation.

During the session, participants will:

  • Cover the basics of human-centred design
  • Learn journey mapping through an interactive exercise
  • Discover use cases for other tools like donor empathy mapping and service blueprints and how they assist in building robust donor management, research, and process management

This session is CFRE-accredited. Attendance at the session, in conjunction with the speaker Q&A that follows, is worth one point.






Melody Qian Song (Germany)