Don't take attrition lying down: Maximising donor retention

Don’t take attrition lying down: Maximising donor retention

About this session

If you’re responsible for individual giving, you know how important it is to retain your donors. This session will examine different approaches to maximising the lifetime value of individual donors as well as how to build the case for making this a priority in your organisation.

Following individual donor journeys, the workshop will roadmap how fundraisers can:

  • Understand the donors being acquired, and the ones that could be, and how that affects retention and growth
  • Use insights to support acquisition (with a plan for retention)
  • Upgrade strategies for increasing the value of retained donors in both the short- and long-term

Participants will be introduced to tactics for retention programmes including the key insights for how to deliver strong donor retention and what you should be testing to continually improve. You will discover:

  • Which donors stay and why
  • Why people give again and how we we influence this decision
  • How to build a second gift strategy
  • How to craft an ongoing communications strategy focused on retention and value-grow

This session is CFRE-accredited. Attendance at the session, in conjunction with the speaker Q&A that follows, is worth one point.






Fiona (Fi) McPhee (New Zealand)
Director, Fiona McPhee Ltd