The Neuroscience of philanthropy: A fundraisers' guide to how supporter brains work

This engaging and interactive session will take you inside you own and your donors’ heads and introduce you some of the surprising facts about the way we think and make decisions.

Four leading experts in the world of behavioural economics, neuroscience and fundraising will share a number of key principles that will offer you insights about how you can improve your fundraising communications. They will also share the results from a number of live experiments taking place throughout IFC – proving that we are not
aware of how we make decisions and choices. Prepare to be astonished and amazed, as well as equipped with an understanding of why some successful techniques actually work.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the brain works in fundraising
  • Discover new techniques to engage supporters and donors
  • Develop a more robust and structured approach to calls to action

Who should attend

  • Anyone keen to understand the latest thinking in neuroscience and how it impacts fundraising
  • Fundraisers looking for techniques to develop higher engagement levels with supporters
  • Data geeks seeking a more robust scientific explanation for supporter decisions


Bernard Ross
Director, =mc consulting
Meredith Niles
Trustee, The Trust for London
Omar Mahmoud (Switzerland)
Chief of Market Knowledge, UNICEF
Geoffrey Peters (USA)
President, Moore DM Group