Dreams: The font that feeds people power

Humans are uniquely good at co-operating with each other. We are also uniquely good at fighting with each other. Fundraisers and mobilisers are tasked with ensuring that cooperation overcomes conflict. When vast numbers of people cooperate to solve a problem, we can always do it. Solving problems takes time. The only way to do it faster is to have more resources. That’s why we are here: The more people who cooperate, the more resources we have and the faster we solve a problem. Alan has researched and practiced the art and science of mass cooperation and inspiration, working with over 350 organisations in 20 countries. This session will be presented in a high-energy and inspiring format, and use research and case studies to help you understand, and believe.

Learning outcomes

  • How to precisely focus on and communicate the problem that must be solved
  • How to create the shared dreams that unite people and organisations
  • The behaviours of leaders who achieve great things and change the world
  • That resolve finishes what inspiration starts


Alan Clayton
CEO, Revolutionise International