Driving Digital Growth in the Age of Influence(rs)

Building new partnerships to reach new audiences.

Fundraisers have long understood the value in building partnerships with celebrity ambassadors who can lend credibility and authenticity to our brand, exposing our causes to new supporters. But how does the explosion of social-media based influencer talent come into play?

Influencer-based marketing can drive donor acquisition and fundraising growth, but brings with it questions. Should we be paying influencers to create content on our behalf? If so, how much? How do we vet influencer talent to ensure alignment with our organisational values?

This session will cover the fundamentals of influencer marketing for nonprofits, giving you a step-by-step guide to getting your influencer marketing programme off the ground. You’ll learn about key pitfalls and how to avoid them; how to persuade leadership to give influencers a try; how to identify the right talent; and get tips and tricks to set your programme up for success.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how partnering with influencer talent can drive fundraising
  • Find out how to balance brand standards with creative freedom
  • Learn how to establish influencer-based fundraising content as an evergreen staple


Emily Martin
Director of Digital Marketing, International Rescue Committee