Effective leadership giving: 'One team’ working in the high value fundraising space

Too much high value fundraising is focused on income streams and not individuals. One person can unlock funding from a range of sources. As well as giving personal wealth, they can leverage support from companies or even foundations. But it’s not just about money. Wealth can bring influence to help drive an organisation forward.

Leadership giving is about building deep relationships with individuals who will support the organisation with their own personal giving but will also help with donations from foundations and corporates and bring influence in public affairs. Taking the time to truly understand the donor and developing a whole organisation approach to determining where the best opportunity lies – a personal gift, an introduction to a foundation or company, or help with accessing decision-makers – will mean better returns in the long-term. It also means a charity can give its most significant supporters the opportunity to do more.

Unfortunately, team structures, cultures, and processes often don’t help this type of fundraising, so this session will explore the opportunities and barriers to success and provide practical advice and ideas to take your high value fundraising from good to great by breaking down silos and working as one team. 


Aimed at: 

This session is aimed at fundraisers working with high value donors and supporters from companies and foundations to major donors. It is for anyone who wants to develop more rounded and engaging relationships with those supporters who can make the biggest positive difference to their charity and its beneficiaries. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • The importance of integration and cooperation between fundraising working across income streams and how to do it 
  • How to measure value beyond money alone 
  • How to operate in a way that maximises value to both the charity and donor


Joe Waterton (UK)
Head of Philanthropy, Macmillan Cancer Support
Simon Dickson (UK)
Senior Consultant, THINK Consulting Solutions