Effective team models

Does your team need a more scalable and sustainable capacity to fundraise?

If your resource mobilisation team needs to rise to new levels of effectiveness and cohesion, align with new leadership or strategy, or enable new ways of working, join this highly interactive mini masterclass to explore research and best practices on effective team structure and models.

You’ll explore in-depth examples of how organisations have optimised their team structures and working dynamics and engage to articulate what might be holding your team back, identify what tools you can immediately use to improve team accountability and cohesion, and create plans for optimising your team structure and effectiveness. Find out how team structure supports fundraising strategy and why even the best-planned structure won’t succeed without a strong team operating model.

The session is designed for mid- to large-sized organisations with at least a 5-7 person fundraising or engagement team.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn about three common models for structuring fundraising teams
  2. Discover evidence-based frameworks with a proven track record in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors
  3. Understand what it looks like in practice to implement new structures and adopt behaviours and norms that align with them