EUConsult networking meeting: Brexit – Threat or opportunity for consultants in the non-profit sector in Europe?

Brexit – Threat or opportunity for consultants in the non-profit sector in Europe?



Brexit is a regular topic in private discussions in the UK and internationally.

Millions of people have watched with anger, angst, amazement or amusement as the UK stumbles towards an exit from the EU.

Perhaps the exit will happen a few days after the IFC, October 31st? Or later? Or not at all?

Almost everyone seems to agree that Brexit is already influencing the economy in the UK and Europe and that this may get worse.

But only a few organisations seem to have examined how their income and their fundraising will be affected, and even fewer seem to have put plans in place for mitigating an expected negative influence of Brexit.

Many consultants seem to be at a loss in how best to deal with this topic.

In this session, we will address Brexit as the “elephant in the room” that will not go away.

How can Brexit negatively impact organisations, perhaps leading to budget cutbacks and lower budgets for consultancy?

On the other hand, could the difficulties and uncertainties caused by Brexit lead to increasing demand for consultancy?

What are the specific organisational needs that will be most in demand in the coming years?


Aimed at

Consultants working in the non-profit sector in Europe. Fundraisers with a particular interest in Brexit or with specific consultancy needs.


Learning outcomes

Better understanding of the threats and challenges of Brexit for organisations and consultants. Importance of planning and risk management. Identify specific needs of organisations and consultants.


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Martin Georgi (Germany)
Chair, German FR association & Board Member EUConsult
Henk Smit (Netherlands)
Board Member, EUConsult