Ninja tactics to raise more from Facebook fundraisers and get the data!

Over the past few years Facebook Giving Tools have fast become the dominant online fundraising platform, with millions of people donating and raising billions for charity with 0% fees. We all know that this makes Facebook’s advertising business stronger, but you can get way more out of the tools than you may realise.

Many opportunities and challenges exist. With limited data how do you effectively engage supporters during and after their campaigns? How can you encourage fundraisers to raise more? How can you monitor, analyse and report? What about GDP-Arrrgh?!

In this in-depth, tools-agnostic workshop, featuring recent real-world case studies and benchmarks taken from over 300,000 Facebook fundraising transactions, you will learn the seven different types of supporter that you can engage with and where to spend yout time and effort for the biggest rewards.

You’ll also learn the #1 most compelling message strategy that engages Facebook fundraisers and lets you raise more. Plus, how to get supporter relationships off Facebook so you can develop multi-channel relationships, as well as how to drive more fundraisers, how to navigate the tricky waters of GDPR and PECR, not forgetting the top tricks for blowing up your own fundraisers and much much more.


Aimed at: 

  • Digital Fundraising managers and practitioners
  • Community fundraising managers and practitioners
  • Those interested in Supporter Journeys
  • Social media staff
  • Supporter/donor care staff
  • Individual Giving Managers and Practitioners (not just ‘digital’ practitioners)
  • Marketing Campaign managers.


Learning outcomes: 

  • The 7 different types of supporter you can engage with Facebook Giving tools and where you can find most value
  • How to make sense of Facebook fundraising data
  • The #1 most compelling message strategy that engages Facebook fundraisers and gets them to raise more
  • How to get supporter relationships off Facebook so you can develop multi-channel relationships
  • How to drive more Facebook fundraisers
  • Navigate the tricky waters of GDPR and PECR
  • Top tactics for starting your own fundraisers.


Nick Burne (UK)
Managing Partner, Nick Burne Consulting