Breaking the ice (bucket): Changing the game with Facebook challenge events

The integrative system Facebook didn’t know they built



About this session

Dive into the world of Facebook challenge events with GivePanel’s Jill O’Herlihy and Amy Bowers from Bone Cancer Research Trust to learn the key concepts and strategies used to raise hundreds of thousands of euro in just a few short weeks. You’ll leave this session with a clear timeline of actions and the knowledge to make Facebook’s donation tools work for your organisation.

Aimed at

  • Digital fundraisers
  • Nonprofits with Facebook donate tools switched on
  • Large and small organisations
  • Nonprofits with small budgets to invest in delivering impactful ROI

Learning outcomes

  • The core strategies needed to ensure your Facebook challenge event is a runaway success
  • Leave with a clear timeline of actions from planning through to final reporting



Jill O'Herilhy (Ireland)
Head of Customer Happiness, GivePanel
Amy Bowers (UK)
Challenge Events Fundraising Manager, Bone Cancer Research Trust