Facebook fundraisers: Recruit them and retain them

Facebook fundraisers: Recruit them and retain them

About this session

Find out how to find, recruit, and keep the people most likely to fundraise for your cause! This session will include an introduction to Facebook challenge fundraising and address its pain points. The rest of the session will be in two parts: recruitment and retention.


  • Optimising ads for fundraiser acquisition
  • What to avoid and how not to neglect your audience
  • Tracking and optimising for audiences & ads that can maximise fundraiser income

Retention & development:

  • Stop waterfall planning
  • Invest in engagement early for long-term success
  • Double-up exit surveys as lead magnets
  • Case study for the retention & development of high performers
  • Case study for turning Facebook fundraisers to corporate partnerships






Danielle (Danni) Adam (Australia)
Head of Strategy and Development Australia, GivePanel
David Burns (Ireland)
Product Manager, GivePanel