Fast data, authentic dialogue, long relationships

In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, charities, like corporations, are being differentiated less by what they do and how they do it and more by how they are treating their customers and the experiences they offer.

Customer experience – or Cx – is the new buzz term that is driving corporate engagement strategy around the globe, but the charity sector is being far too slow in keeping up. Lack of time, competing priorities, technological constraints, limited budgets are all too often used as excuses for not adapting faster which is why, in Australia, we are tackling some of the biggest sector challenges by investing in cross sector collaborations that put our supporter experiences at the heart of everything we do.

What these projects have shown is that we need to start listening to our supporters to understand THEIR needs and drivers, so we can create genuinely donor-centric communications and journeys that resonate with each of THEM as individuals. We need to move to creating genuine ‘two-way‘ relationships with donors so that we can collaborate and work together to solve the world’s problems because it’s only when we work ‘together’ that we truly can.

This session will outline the fundamental principles of good Cx management and measurement and the tactics that can be used to design experiences that surprise and delight our supporters. Drawing on 3 case studies from the Australian charitable sector we will demonstrate how:

  • Delivering dynamic, multi-touch point, responsive journeys are better at meeting donor needs and expectations and influencing them to do more
  • Charities working together to test, share and learn is leading to industry-changing insights that offer to shift the power imbalance between charities and F2F suppliers and to increase donors willing to start a conversation about leaving a legacy gift. Indeed, the charities in the test put their brands aside to tackle the problems we face – together


Part 1 – Theory: why we have to change, the importance of Cx, fast data, dialogue marketing and meeting donor expectations

Part 2Case study:  how divergent journeys and behavioural economics nudges were used to significantly increase net income for this multimillion-dollar community fundraising event.

Part 3Case study: how a multi-charity collaborative trial used touchpoint feedback to understand donor experience commitment and motivation to identify attrition propensity in face-to-face acquisition. What we learned and what is next.

Part 4Case study: how three leading Australian charities tested different survey frames and nudges to optimise the bequest consideration pipeline.

Part 5 – Wrap up: key learnings and what you can do tomorrow at your charity to start a two-way conversation with your donors that results in divergent and donor-centric journeys that are designed to engage.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand 3 x real examples of how dialogue surveys have been used to increase net income and decrease attrition
  • How behavioural economics nudges can be used to influence donor behaviour
  • How to correlate O, X and Y data to forecast segment value and ROI to drive better investment

Who should attend: This session is aimed at anyone wanting to improve donor engagement to drive better returns, who wants to understand how to use predictive analytics to make better investment decisions, and who believes that we need to engage our donors in two-way dialogue to build engaging relationships that last.

Session style: The presentation will be a combination of theory around dialogue surveys, technical solutions to creating “create your own” adventure journeys and behavioural economics nudge theories. The session will be designed to maximise participant engagement by showing live dashboards enabled by live technology and by asking delegates to participate in exercises to get them thinking about how they can use fast data to create meaningful relationships that last longer.


Ruth Wicks (Australia)
Senior Consultant, More Strategic
Cara Morrison (Australia)
Marketing Manager - Loyalty, Cancer Council NSW