F@ck this Job: Broadcasting truth to power

F@ck this Job: Broadcasting truth to power

The story – and the people – behind the award-winning documentary

Broadcast by the BBC in the UK as Tango with Putin, F@ck This Job charts the rise and transformation of TV station Dozhd, the lifestyle channel that was designated a “foreign agent” by the Russian government in response to investigative journalism and the sharing of “provocative material”, including about the war in Ukraine.

Natasha and Vera’s work aligns closely with the theme of IFC 2022. Shaping the Future Together is a bold, aspirational concept; we wanted our delegates to hear from people whose work and whose commitment to speaking the truth is changing the world – and shaping the future – even when it puts them in danger.

Most of us can voice our opinions and speak our minds without fearing the consequences. Natasha and Vera didn’t have that freedom, yet they carried on regardless.

The closing keynote at the International Fundraising Congress has always been designed to motivate our delegates to take what they have learned and apply it out in the world. Tango with Putin is a powerful piece of documentary cinema and Natasha and Vera’s story, told in their own words, will inspire us all in our work.




Natasha Sindeeva (Russia)
Founder & CEO, Dozhd
Vera Krichevskaya (Russia)
Film director & cofounder, Dozhd