Finding new donors through Islamic philanthropy

Join the growing global movement to invest in Islamic faith-based giving

This session will showcase new frontiers in fundraising and present best practices in Islamic philanthropy fundraising campaigns to help charities and fundraisers reach untapped audiences as well as create new public engagement opportunities. You will gain insights from campaigns and donors and be introduced to Islamic philanthropy tools that hold great potential for aiding the global community in addressing poverty, climate change, displacement, and other humanitarian and social causes.

Every year, for nearly two billion people worldwide, Ramadan is observed as a month of giving and charity. During this period, and across the year, charities engaged with Muslim audiences receive collectively hundreds of millions of dollars. In recent years, over £130 million has been raised during Ramadan in the UK alone. That’s the equivalent of more than £50 per second being donated in a single month. This potential has led many causes to join the race for the same hearts and pockets, especially in the digital fundraising space.

In 2014, UNHCR launched its first Ramadan campaign in the MENA region. Today, the global campaign spans more than 30 markets. This workshop will share UNHCR’s best practices and provide guidance on how to grow your supporter base through compelling faith-based campaigns.

Who is it for?

Fundraising leaders in charitable organisations; entry and expert level fundraisers involved with, or planning to get involved with, Muslim donors or with donors in OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) countries, or in minority Muslim communities; fundraising and NGO professionals looking to diversify their expertise in faith-based philanthropy; and communication, advocacy, and campaigning experts.

Learning outcomes

  • Realise the fundraising potential for global and local causes of Muslim donors in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries
  • Discover best practices related to fundraising campaigns and tactics during the month of Ramadan and throughout the year
  • Learn to build your donor base from the bottom up through an Islamic fundraising programme


Houssam Chahine
Chief of Private Sector Partnerships for the MENA region, UNHCR
Raefah Makki
Head of Campaigns and Advocacy, Private Sector Partnerships, UNHCR