Finding your strategic niche

Say less, achieve more!

When the world seems to be burning, crashing, and collapsing all at once, how do you stand out? And if your organisation is a 150-year-old mastodon, how can you remain relevant and attractive to new audiences without losing your history and roots?

This was the conundrum the Norwegian Salvation Army was facing as traditional, well-liked, and well run organisation, but one with but with few fundraising activities. As the energy crisis and war in Europe led to galloping inflation and increased poverty, the need for the organisation’s support was increasing rapidly and it needed to be ready.

The Salvation Army has a long history of helping people in need. A wide range of services help people living in poverty, low income families, children, the elderly, and people with substance use problems. A wide range of supports, however, can make it hard to be sufficiently focused in your fundraising.

Under the refreshed strategic umbrella of poverty, the Salvation Army’s fundraising activities flourished. The traditional Christmas Kettle appeal achieved a 40-50% increase in funds raised and succeeded in attracting new audiences en masse.

This session will focus on finding your strategic niche and using it as a starting point for a successful long-term fundraising future.

Who is it for?

Fundraisers, managers, communications and marketing staff. The session is appropriate for both inexperienced and experienced participants.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out why saying less will help you achieve more
  • Get you tools to find and explore your strategic niche
  • Learn how to remain relevant by managing a strategic shift in your organisation


Michael Hansen
Senior Fundraising Strategist, b.bold
Beate Sørum
CEO, b.bold