Five key learnings from fundraising through a crisis

Five key learnings from fundraising through a crisis: How three organisations found their own paths to sustain their fundraising during the coronavirus pandemic


About this session

Organisations that responded to the pandemic with speed, focus and leadership around fundraising are surviving and, in some cases, thriving. In this session, Fiona will speak to three heads of fundraising from three very different organisations – Rose Young, Individual giving Manager at Baptist World Aid, Debra O’Neill Strategic Development Director at Australia for UNHCR and Natalie Davis Brand & Customer Experience at St John New – exploring how their teams and leadership responded to the impact of the pandemic on their fundraising and what they learnt that they will take forward as they continue to navigate their own fundraising circumstances. Each speaker will share their top three recommendations for other fundraisers on where to focus efforts for best outcomes as well as learnings from actions that didn’t work as expected.

This session is aimed at:

  • Fundraisers and leaders responsible for leading fundraising, particularly with a focus on individual giving.

What you will learn

  • The critical things to consider when assessing how to adjust and continue fundraising in a crisis
  • Leadership, teamwork and donor focused ideas for your fundraising that will have impact even outside of a crisis situation.





Fiona (Fi) McPhee (New Zealand)
Director, Fiona McPhee Ltd