Fix regular giving: An Oxfam case study

Fix Regular Giving: An Oxfam case study

A global approach to face-to-face and telefundraising

A wise person once said that optimising your regular giving programme was like fixing a Boeing 747 while it was half way across the Atlantic – and that analogy doesn’t begin to cover doing so through a global pandemic, the Great Resignation, and a cost-of-living crisis.

In 2021, Oxfam launched its first ever global strategy project to tackle this very issue: Fix Regular Giving. This workshop will share highlights from the project and the impact it’s already having in 2022. In particular, the session will focus on what Oxfam is doing to solve one of the most widespread and costly issues identified: the complicated relationship between acquisition and retention.

Supported by analysis from twenty countries, as well as deep-dives into three specific markets, participants will receive insights, data, and learnings from around the world to take home and implement in their own regular giving programmes.






Gabby Edmond (Spain)
International Acquisition Specialist, Oxfam
Alex Mackain-Bremner (UK)
International Telefundraising Specialist, Oxfam