Foundations: 'You got to get it before you give it'

‘You got to get it before you can give it.” Before we are able to give away money, we have to be able to get it.

And the sources of funding are changing as some large and significant foundations are focusing their efforts in new directions and away from the European continent. As a result, foundations are now looking beyond traditional funders to other sources, including individual and corporate major donors. For more than 20 years, Tony has been working with fundraisers on five continents, helping them make the transition from institutional funding to other sources of wealth and generosity. Join him for an engaging and insightful exploration of how you can diversify your funding sources.

Learning outcomes

  • How the international fundraising landscape is changing
  • Options available to them to raise more money
  • Steps to successful major donor fundraising from individuals and corporations
  • Approaches to get started in raising more money in your own country
  • The things you need to know before asking big

Who should attend: This session is for those foundations and NGOs that give away money. CEOs, directors of development, fundraisers, board members and decision makers who are interested in building sustainable donors beyond institutions and monthly givers.


Tony Myers
Founder, Principal, & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates