Foundations bootcamp: digital and human strategies to access international foundations

Foundations bootcamp: digital and human strategies to access international foundations

How to maximise your chances of getting international grants using online and offline methods 


About this Masterclass

No doubt you’ve heard of the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Oak Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation and Aliko Dangote Foundation? But do you know how the international foundations market works?  

Annually, foundations grant billions of dollars worldwide. Yet many nonprofits do not know how this market works, how to enter it, how large it is, who their potential competitors are, or what hurdles to expect. How can your nonprofit successfully enter the market and navigate those hurdles? How digital do you have to be to get a fair chance?  And what is the best strategic mix of online and offline actions?  

Whether you are a large or small nonprofit, and regardless of sector, this bootcamp masterclass will provide you with a deeper understanding of the international foundations market. Combining speaker knowledge and industry best practices, with practical activities and do-it-yourself tips, this is a very hands-on session.  


Aimed at

  • Fundraisers – new or experienced  
  • Communication Officers  
  • CEOs / Directors  
  • Board members  
  • Policy Officers 


Learning outcomes

  • Understanding foundation landscapes: including markets, trends, and the reasons why they give and to whom.  
  • How to differentiate your nonprofit online, through digital storytelling and innovation. 
  • How to use the power of LinkedIn during the fundraising process. 
  • How to plan for what lies ahead, through timelines and donor obligations. 


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Liz Ngonzi
Founder/CEO, The International Social Impact Institute
Eelco Keij
Foundations Fundraiser, WWF