#FROFringe Australia and New Zealand: Creating unity in a divisive world

Creating unity in a divisive world

Friday 30th April at 13:00 – 14:30 AEST | 15:00 – 16:30 NZST

Australians and New Zealanders; Finally; we get to interact with the latest fundraising online with #FRO in our own time zone! We are looking forward to a lively session with a great line up of local stars as well as International insights. The added value is that we have a limited number of spots if you want to join in person in key cities for the session – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington for starters! And at a special price of £15 (approx. $30) which then gives access to the rest of the #FRO presentations on demand… So if you can make it along, not only will you get to enjoy the panel discussion but you will also have a chance to network further. If you prefer to join from wherever you are anyway – then please do, maybe even get some of your team together at your end to continue the conversation where you are.

The panel question is prompted by the increasing confusion that we see in the media through digital proliferation of new sources of information and ‘news’; whilst the tech giants increasingly control major channels of access and mis-information is rife. The result is the growth of political polarisation and conspiracy theories that gain momentum and scale. Into this confusion of truth and fake, manipulation and polarity how do we, as fundraisers, create campaigns that can both unite people behind a cause and raise money as a result.

Our panellists will look at this tangled web from a range of perspectives – through the lens of: people seeking Asylum in Australia; Human rights and development internationally; Climate crisis and environmental action; Domestic Violence and how we see these challenges influencing our efforts in each area.

Join us to hear the perspectives of experts, learn and network together – see you there,

How to register

You can register to attend this discussion either online, or in person at one of the 4 locations below. Numbers are limited at each of the venues so sign up now to secure your place. Registration to this session will also give you on demand access to the other FRO2021 sessions.

This session is presented in collaboration with Fundraising Institute Australia and Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.



Owen Valentine Pringle (UK)
Head of the Global Transformation Campaign - ActionAid International
Alan White (Australia)
Director, Fundraising, Marketing & Enterprise at Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Delia Donovan (Australia)
Chief Executive Officer at Domestic Violence NSW
Rebecca Scelly (New Zealand)
East Asia Fundraising Consultant
Gavin Coopey
Insight Director, More Strategic
Kaz McGrath
Founder & CEO, PLAI
Michelle Berriman (New Zealand)
Executive Director at Fundraising Institute of NZ