From cause marketing to making good partnerships in the COVID-era

From cause marketing to making good partnerships in the COVID-era: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!


About this session

Making Good / Cause Marketing is regularly an important part of marketing budgets. Making good marketing has seen a significant rise within the COVID era too. More than $2bn is spent on cause initiatives every year in the United States alone. As for-profits move into the social impact space the old boundaries of who is working for social change become thin. Even more so in 2020. Due to their size and available resources, corporations often become quite efficient in promoting change while promoting their products. In this respect, we have seen many COVID related initiatives this year. Is this an opportunity for NGOs? Nowadays, successful making good marketing partnerships are more about what concerns we share than where we disagree, more about understanding than judging, more about mutual benefit than individual gain. Key subjects that will be discussed during the workshop are:

  • There is an abundance of making good marketing funds to harvest specially in the COVID era
  • There are right ways to attract making good / cause collaborations
  • Making good marketing may offer exciting stories that can inspire the public to get involved in social causes
  • Making good marketing is about changing corporations from within!
  • If applied correctly, making good marketing can help your organisation achieve huge publicity really fast
  • Obstacles NGOs and Corporations have to go through to build a successful partnership
  • Conflict resolution.

This session is aimed at:

  • Corporate sponsorship and cause marketing professionals
  • People negotiating with donors that wish to increase their impact
  • People interested in building lasting partnerships between donors and beneficiary organisations
  • Anyone interested in efficient human relations and communication techniques such as the elevator speech, rapport, storytelling

What you will learn

Attendees will be given a step-by-step overview of an efficient partnership between donors and beneficiaries in a changing world were the traditional identification of who is engaging in doing good is changing. Indicatively:

  • First contact
  • Identification of expectations
  • Foundations for a balanced partnership (in contrast to green/social washing)
  • The COVID factor
  • Project communication
  • Common mistakes.





Thanos Belalidis (Greece)
Director Sustainability Implementation & Communication, Sympraxis Team
Elsa Stathopoulou (Greece)
Communication & Fundraising Director, SOS Children’s Villages