From generation to conversion: How a small nonprofit grew their online community from scratch to 300000 subscribers and got thousands of regular donors in the process

Thursday 13 June
09:00-09:30 (UK BST)
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In this session we will look at how online advertising, email marketing and telemarketing can be integrated into a single strategy to create a positive user experience that will continue to have users engaged in the long term. Over the past two years, we have built an online community of supporters through social media advertising (Facebook is a very important channel, but Twitter and others can also be great), but our focus has been on the longterm relationship between the organization and the supporter. While it’s tempting to think in short term ROI, the real success of an acquisition and conversion strategy is making sure the supporters continue to be engaged. By dedicating our efforts to the user experience and really choosing how and when to make the ask, we are able to maintain and active and responsive community which will continue to support and convert years from now. 


Aimed at: 

The session is mostly aimed for digital fundraisers and those interested in growth marketing. People who spend their time trying to grow the organization online audiences as well as converting them. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Long term engagement strategies. Online – it’s not just about the ask but also what happens in between each ask 
  • Differentiate between important and vanity metrics 
  • How to effectively integrate digital and telemarketing, creating a full experience for supporters. 


Dani Gonzalez (Spain)
Executive Director, dgtl fundraising