Fulfil your crowdfunding potential

Fulfil your crowdfunding potential: How to run an inclusive and inspirational online fundraising campaign that inspires generous giving by all


About this session

It’s true that crowdfunding enables agile digital fundraising campaigns. It’s also true that it can democratise philanthropy, lowering barriers to giving and encouraging new people to give in new ways. But, is it working for you? Despite the strides made in digital communications and the catalyst provided by the pandemic, many organisations still struggle to leverage the power of crowdfunding, especially in communities where the culture of individual giving is weak or non-existent, or where there’s little buy-in from leadership about the prospect of success. In this practical workshop, you’ll discover a fresh take on crowdfunding, learning how and when to deploy crowdfunding as part of your wider fundraising strategy, and how understanding people power will prove the key to your success. Using the tried and trusted 6-step crowdfunding model developed by HIPGive, we’ll cover:

  • Clear Objectives. The importance of aligning expectations and emphasising more than just the bottom line
  • Donor psychology. Changing how you communicate with reluctant/inexperienced donors to empower them to take action
  • How matching funds, giving days and global movements can create momentum and help you reach your goal.

This session is aimed at:

  • Executive/Development Directors who need to update their digital fundraising strategies and encourage new groups of givers
  • Fundraisers whose goal is to widen the donor base and strengthen individual giving
  • Communications and marketing coordinators who seek up-to-date techniques for encouraging generous online giving.

What you will learn

  • Understand the potential of crowdfunding campaigns to drive inclusive, community driven giving and diversify income streams even under adverse circumstances or economic contexts
  • Be capable of planning and coordinating a structured crowdfunding campaign from start to finish using the six step process: Audience, Project, Promotion, People, Thank, Learn
  • Improve their communications skills and integrate games and contests that facilitate effective people-powered fundraising.





Anita Gallagher (Mexico)
Training Lead, HIPGive, Hispanics in Philanthropy
Junueth Mejía (Mexico)
HIPGive Manager, Hispanics in Philanthropy