Fundraisers as Agents of Change

Discover ways to engage in the philanthropy transformation movement.

This session will bring together different voices from foundations and fundraisers to explore the transformation agenda and collectively discover the role of fundraisers in promoting, advocating, and leading change.

The workshop will begin with a panel discussion to help you delve into the transformation agenda and discuss the role of fundraisers and their agency to promote transformation, the tensions they navigate, and how they bridge the gap between the donors and communities to enable change.

Using the group’s collective imagination and intelligence to think about different scenarios faced by fundraisers, you will be challenged to consider ways to transform philanthropy. The session will end with a call to action for collectively building a global community to transform the dominant thinking, approaches, and practices in philanthropy.

The session will incorporate collaborative learning on transformation agendas, frameworks, tools, and practices with different stakeholders in the session (fundraisers, foundations, networks), supporting you to grow in your understanding of ways to promote, facilitate, and enable the transformation of philanthropic practices and institutions.

Learning outcomes

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of philanthropy transformation agenda
  • Recognise the bridging role of fundraisers in advocating for transformation and creating change in philanthropic practices
  • Become familiarised with frameworks, tools, and best practices to inspire and facilitate collective action


Sameera Mehra
Collective Intelligence and Advocacy Director, WINGS
Matthew Patten
Enabling Environment Facilitator, Catalyst 2030