Fundraising and supporter engagement: Transforming your charity and your impact

Explore how to make change happen across your organisation to implement a truly supporter-led engagement approach.

The future of fundraising depends on new models of collaboration and engagement – which requires fundamental change not only to our fundraising departments, but to the whole business model of our organisation.

Diabetes UK and The Children’s Society are on a similar journey: to shift from conventional fundraising technique-driven programmes to supporter-led engagement embedded into the heart of their mission. In both cases, this has required major change: of structures, processes, systems, metrics, skills and, crucially, culture and mind-set. Involving everyone- trustees, the executive, colleagues in every function across the charity, supporters and beneficiaries – this is a long-term game. And change is never easy.

If your plans for the next few years are incremental improvements to business-as-usual, then this session is not for you. But if you are ready for, or already embarking upon, transformational change, please join our workshop. We’ll share lessons (the good, bad and the ugly) from both charities, the tools, tips and tricks we’ve deployed, and we’ll consider how our journey can help you move forward with yours. Whatever business model you aim to adopt, we hope this session will provide useful guidance to give you the best possible chance of success.

Learning outcomes

  • Practical learning about supporter-led engagement models
  • Tools and techniques for implementing major change within an organisation
  • Guidance and ideas for implementing your own change initiatives

Who should attend: This session will be of particular interest to anyone preparing to lead, or already involved in, major strategic change initiatives and/or if your fundraising is developing into a supporter-led engagement approach.


Joe Jenkins (UK)
Director of Supporter Impact and Income, The Children's Society
Kath Abrahams (UK)
Director of engagement and fundraising, Diabetes UK