Fundraising, democracy, and the threat of extremism

Fundraising, democracy, and the threat of extremism

Resisting together in the face of rising right-wing ideologies

Democracy is in crisis. The values it embodies are under assault and in retreat globally. From Brazil to the United States and from Hungary to New Zealand, right-wing extremist groups and ideologies are posing a grave threat to democratic societies. Our work as fundraisers for a myriad of causes is being impacted by this crisis. The causes we work to further – the environment, healthcare, education, diversity and inclusion, feminism, you name it – need democracy.

This session will treat far-right extremism and undemocratic regimes as global problems that threaten our work and lives as organised civil society. How does the rise of undemocratic regimes affect our work as fundraisers? What can we learn from each other in order to resist together as citizens and as fundraisers? What can we do together, as a global group of fundraisers, to strengthen the resistance against undemocratic regimes? If we are shaping the future together, these questions must be addressed. By addressing these questions as a group, we will be return to our work fighting these undemocratic regimes stronger.






Mariana Zayat Chammas (Brazil)