Fundraising in the Arab region: From one-off to plenty

This workshop is a great opportunity for participants to better understand the mindset of the Arab donor. What makes them give? What prevents them from giving? Who do they prefer to give to and for what? Throughout the conversation between the co-conductors and the engagement with the participants, everyone will have the opportunity to learn about which fundraising techniques and tools work in the Arab region and why they work, what fundraisers need to know when conducting their work in the Arab region, and how to avoid getting trapped by obstacles such as legislative restrictions on fundraising in the different countries.

This session is a unique opportunity that should not be missed by any private philanthropy fundraiser working or seeking to work in the Arab region. The workshop will include many examples of different private philanthropy relationships from the Arab region – some successful and some more challenging – and will present a case study of a successful relationship between an INGO and an Arab philanthropist/family foundation, including direct experience sharing by a representative of an Arab philanthropist/family foundation and the private philanthropy fundraiser of an INGO. 


Aimed at 

  • INGO private philanthropy fundraisers already working in the Arab region 
  • INGO private philanthropy fundraisers wanting to work in the Arab region


Learning outcomes 

  • Insights on the Arab donor mindset 
  • Insights on fundraising tools and techniques that work in the Arab region 
  • Information on how to develop an engagement plan that ensures the donor journey evolves with the goal to reach its maximum potential over time
  • Sharing of the viewpoint of the Arab donor vis-a-vis partnering with an INGO


Reem Abdelhamid (Saudi Arabia)
Lead (Strategic Partnerships, PSP North Africa), UNHCR
Sarah Alshaibani (Saudi Arabia)
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Tamer Family Foundation