Fundraising in the arts

Fundraising in the arts

Applying the business model canvas to arts organisations in MENA

Independent arts organisations in MENA are a unique organisational form situated at the intersection of private business, social enterprise, and not-for-profit organisation. The past number of years have seen increased pressure from regional and international donors on independent arts organisations, and the third sector more generally, to ensure sustainability and develop more robust income streams. In tandem with this pressure, there has been increased malaise in the independent arts sector and over-dependence on donor contribution.

The term business model has been shyly circulating within the sector without a lot of actual guidance or the tools to develop adaptable, usable frameworks. Key industry experts in MENA have expressed the need within the sector to explore and invest in developing business models that can be adapted to the unique nature of arts organisations. This session will present research findings on the challenges presented by & opportunities for applying the business model canvas to arts organisations in MENA.






Amany Abouzeid (Egypt)
CEO, Amaken Artistic Services