Fundraising in the Metaverse

Tapping into a challenging universe for human rights.

Escape to Freedom is the Amnesty’s videogame in the Roblox metaverse, led by the Digital Hub of Amnesty International Argentina and supported by funding from Reimagining Fundraising. Out of 200 proposals submitted, the project was selected as one of the most innovative for the future of fundraising.

Roblox has an audience of 60 million daily users. By tapping into this space, Amnesty International is creating a meaningful daily connection with 13-25-year-olds, raising awareness and recruiting and trainning new digital activists, who are the heart of activism in Argentina and many other places across the world.

Escape to Freedom is a survival game, presenting the journey of a refugee through six different levels that recreate real-life situations. The player goes through experiences like leaving their home, fleeing their city, and having to overcome natural and climatic challenges. Throughout the game, players can interact with AI researchers to discover more about the research of Amnesty International Argentina and support the organisation’s emergency work.

The Metaverse is a highly challenging universe for human rights and a critical space for social impact organsations to maintain a presence within so that they can inform, educate, provide a safe space for online conversation, and build their supporter base through geniune connection.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out why the Metaverse is such a critical space for organisations to be visible in
  • Learn how innovation can build support & connect people to your cause
  • Discover how online communities can connect you with hard-to-reach demographics


Daniel Gamboa
Director of Growth & Fundraising, Amnesty International Argentina