Crisis fundraising: Case studies from Greece & Ukraine

Crisis fundraising: Case studies from Greece & Ukraine

When there is a crisis we are called upon to double our efforts. It’s what we all experienced during the pandemic. It’s what we all experience when our CEO gets sick or is fired, when floodwaters rise, when fire breaks, when major diseases arise, and when war breaks out.

When disaster strikes, we are asked to continue fundraising, and in many cases, asked to raise even more to offset the devastating impacts of the crisis. But for some of us, crisis fundraising is a new experience.

Our organisations need to be prepared for when crises disrupt our lives and our work. Join Tony Myers and our speakers Liudmyla Kryzhanovska, Svetlana Pugach, Konstantina Papadimitriou, to gain insights from their work fundraising through the war in Ukraine and the financial crisis in Greece.






Liudmyla Kryzhanovska
Head of Fundraising and Impact Investment, Promprylad.Renovation
Tony Myers
Founder, Principal, & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates
Konstantina Papadimitriou
Certified Fundraising Executive, 21/64 Certified Philanthropy Advisor
Svitlana Pugach
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tabletochki Charity Foundation