Fundraising TV for small budgets: Inspiring viewers to become long term, high value supporters of your cause

This workshop aims to help fundraisers in the charity sector, who want to know whether DRTV can help them achieve their fundraising goals, to understand what DRTV is and what it can do for their organisation. The art and science of using film to effectively inspire people to act will be shared with participants, and they will also understand that TV can work just as well – and sometimes better – for small budgets.

Participants will see how a brief becomes an inspiring 60-second creative that makes people respond to a cause – whether it is simple or complex. Using real-world case studies from Asia and beyond, it will share practical tips on how to plan and buy media wisely, and how to engage people through phone and web conversation.

A case study from a Korean charity will also give participants insights and practical tips on how they tackled their challenges in launching and building their DRTV campaign.

What will be covered

  • What DRTV will give your cause. And what it won’t.
  • The art and science of effective creative – making people respond to your cause
  • Planning and buying media wisely and cost effectively
  • How to have phone conversations that engage and inspire support
  • Key considerations to maximise TV response that goes online
  • Case Study from a guest speaker at Concern Worldwide Korea to share how they, with no brand-awareness in Korean market, launched and built their DRTV campaign so successfully

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding DRTV is a cost-effective, sustainable fundraising model
  • Learn the key aspects of successful creative development, media planning, and response management
  • Various examples of Call to Action that fits causes/target audiences


Borie Yi Han (South Korea)
Country Representative, DTV Korea
Jun Mo Lee (South Korea)
Country Manager, Concern Worldwide Korea