Future-proof your digital fundraising

Building out your data-driven strategy

In this workshop, you will become a fly on the wall of a global nonprofit organisation as it reinvents its fundraising approach and equips itself for decades to come. Find out why a nonprofit that has mastered offline fundraising is excited to become a paperless organisation. Learn how, with the help of experts, this organisation has developed a strategy with the aim of not merely surviving the great digitalisation but truly thriving in it.

The session will chronicle the strategy process from the initial brainstorming and analysis to the implementation phase. Find out what unexpected results were gleaned from a thorough user experience audit, how a market analysis informs decision making, what a data-first strategy looks like, why marketing automation is critical and donor journeys are at the centre of this strategy, why a monthly giving programme is in the works, and why a continuous optimisation programme is indispensable.

Who is it for?

Department heads, heads of fundraising or individual giving, digital fundraising managers, fundraisers with intermediate or advanced knowledge in digital fundraising, and those interested in marketing automation, donor journeys, A/B testing and continuous optimisation, KPIs, data-driven strategies, and user experience.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn why user experience audits are a necessary step in developing a donor-centric strategy
  • Find out why marketing automation is the backbone of digital fundraising
  • Discover the secret to choosing the right software that can make or break your digital fundraising strategy


Astrid Vancraeyenest
Senior Customer Success Manager, getunik
Gabriella Bertacchi
Individual Giving Manager, International Committee of the Red Cross