Inclusive Fundraising: Providing Avenues for Shy Givers

We will introduce what does Social Enterprise means for YCAB and share our fundraising strategy. Having been around for almost two decades, we realize that while there are plenty of supporters to a good cause, they might differ in their giving habits and preference. As we aim to reach and convert more and more people to become an #ExtensionOfGoodness, we created different vehicles for different giving style. We’ll share about our impact investment vehicles for those still wanting to obtain some financial return and a social investment vehicle for those expecting their principal back. We also innovate our philanthropy programs, by collaborating and creating interesting campaigns. One of which was when we pedal 2,601 km through Indonesia, with Scott Thompson, and raise US$ 525,000 for underprivileged children.

*TEDx Style
*Introducing YCAB as a Social Enterprise and our fundraising strategy:
-Impact Investment using our unique women microfinance program to make an impact
-Social Investment which consist social Investment (five-year payback) and Philanthropy Investment (no payback).
-Extraordinary Fundraising
We will highlight “Becak Terus” fundraising campaign. Becak Terus is a charity challenge that uses Becak as a mean of transportation to raise funds for underprivileged children and people in need.

Learning outcomes

  • Increasing awareness of YCAB as an example of a social enterprise
  • Introducing alternative ways to fundraising
  • Sharing lessons learned when interacting with different kinds of donors/funders

Who should attend: Social Entrepreneurs, corporates, impact Investors, HNW/Family Offices, NGOs

Session style: The format will be in Power Point Presentation, including some picture of successful fundraising events that we have done.


Veronica Colondam (Indonesia)
Founder/CEO, YCAB Foundation