Gaming and fundraising

Gaming and fundraising

Your opportunity to reach a new audience and raise more money ​  



About this session

In this session Thibault from MSF Belgium will introduce you to the global gaming community. He’ll tell you who these people are, what channels they’re using and what interests them.  

He’ll include case studies of some the biggest charity gaming events in Belgium and how these have managed to raise millions of dollars.  

You’ll learn what you’d need to do to start from scratch – what resources you’ll need and how to communicate your brand in order to engage gamers.  


Aimed at

  • All fundraisers 
  • All charity comms staff 
  • Digital teams 
  • Charity event organisers  


Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of what gaming is and how it can be linked to charity  
  • How to start your own gaming charity event 




Thibault Dujardin (Belgium)
Digital Unit Team Leader, Médecins Sans Frontières