Beyond Fundraising: Grant Proposal Workshop. Opportunity Whetting to Proposal Writing

Strategic and specific grant writing helps align the identified needs of a nonprofit (and its clients) with funding sources, whether foundations, government agencies, corporations or individuals. This masterclass offers a guide to the technical details of grant writing, an increasingly crucial method for raising money to fund projects and programs for nonprofits and other organizations. The masterclass explores the relationship of grant writing to an organization’s strategy for fundraising which is critical to running the business aspects of the nonprofit organization. It also outlines the stages of grant writing and highlights grant writing best practices.

Learning outcomes
  • Learn the importance of grant writing for nonprofits and other organizations seeking funding.
  • Key stages of the grant writing process.
  • Discover how to research grant makers and available grants – opportunity whetting
  • Learn the process of establishing relationships with potential funders.
  • Understand the importance of alignment between and nonprofit and funder’s mission.
  • Explore tips and tricks in writing a successful grant proposal.
  • Moving forward: earn techniques for following up after winning or losing a grant.
Who should attend: Key actors of any nonprofit organization who wish to explore resource mobilization beyond F2F and B2B fundraising
Session style: Presentation with hands-on exercises


Vincent Paul Atienza (Philippines)
Associate Director, Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation