Unlock hidden resources: Developing high-impact, win-win corporate relationships

Unlocking corporate capacity for impact is only just getting started. Step into the shoes of the corporate sector and open the door from the inside.

US corporate philanthropy has declined dramatically from 2.1% of pretax profits in 1986 to 0.8% in 2012 even while Global Market Capitalization reached USD100 trillion as of end-2017. And yet companies complain that their biggest turnoff is when a non-profit starts the conversation by asking for money. The rapid rise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Shared Value (CSV) indicates, though, that companies are eager for greater impact.

Every company has unique value and impact to offer and it doesn’t have to start with dollar signs. Using case studies, examples and
other tools we will together:
*Explore the corporate mindset
*Discover your unique corporate value proposition
*Develop actionable strategies to tap company resources

Learning outcomes

  • Learn tools to get started today
  • Uncover value in every company contact
  • Turn company needs into opportunities for impact
  • Overcome ever-changing corporate priorities
  • Invite companies to engage in a way they will thank you
  • Stand out in a crowded and time-poor environment

Who should attend: Ideally suited for those with limited to moderate experience with the private sector seeking to understand the corporate perspective and how to engage companies beyond fundraising focused activities. Those with more corporate experience will benefit from new perspectives and strategies for how to develop longer term and more impactful corporate relationships.
Session style: Interacting with models and live case studies, while also learning from each other’s experiences, to co-develop concrete personal takeaways and action plans.


Jason Noble (Hong Kong)
Engagement Strategist, Crossroads Foundation
Emily Au-Young (Bangladesh)
Founder and CEO, Reemi