Getting combinatorial: Pooling resources in new ways to change lives

Asia P3 Hub is a multi-sector collaboration platform that brings together people from the government, business, academia, and civil sectors to collectively tackle the effects of poverty. Our initial focus area is water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Shared value co-creation is at the heart of multi-sector partnerships. The “secret sauce” for the Asia P3 Hub model and one of its core values is combinatorial innovation. Combinatorial innovation builds on the premise that each stakeholder brings to the table unique assets, be those financial resources, technical expertise, industry knowledge, people resources, etc. When combined together in new ways through a co-creation approach, breakthrough innovations to solve existing problems can be achieved.

The workshop will explore combinatorial innovation and explore how that can be applied to multi-sector partnerships.

Learning outcomes

  • A deeper look at the concept of combinatorial innovation and it’s occurrences in both nature and human innovation
  • Why multi-sector partnership is often needed to solve global issues
  • Sample case studies of multi-sector partnerships in the region
  • Understand the phases and strategies to make multi-sector partnerships happen
  • Explore how you may leverage on fresh, multi-faceted or unconventional partnerships to build value and tap into new resources

Who should attend: Practitioners from public, private and civil sectors who are looking at new cross-domain, cross-industry and multi-sector approaches to challenges.
Session style: The workshop encourages dialogue, interaction, mutual learning and sharing of experiences.


Wayne Chia (Singapore)
Innovative Programmes Lead - Asia P3 Hub, World Vision International (South Asia & Pacific)