Giving activism

Giving activism

Movement building for culture change

As the tenth largest economy in the world, with a growing middle class and glaring inequalities, Brazil represents enormous potential for the development of its culture of giving; its people are generous donors, giving 0.14% of the national GDP compared to the world average of 0.8% and the Latin American average of 0.4%.

In 2013, a group of people came together to build a collective and decentralised movement to change the culture of giving in Brazil. Today, that movement has grown to encompass more than 250 members, including both individuals and organisations, and those at the heart of it have learned a lot along the way. This workshop will share their journey, their learnings, and the results of their work so far, and is designed particularly for changemakers and social leaders from countries whose culture of giving is still developing and who want to start similar collective movements.






Rodrigo Alvarez (Brazil)
Executive Director, Mobiliza