Digital Fundraising as a Vehicle to Drive Regular Giving

Digital Fundraising as a Vehicle to Drive Regular Giving

Exploring trends and insights

More and more charities are integrating digital fundraising into their individual giving strategies to complement F2F and telemarketing campaigns. However, in this period of intense change and fiscal pressures, running omnichannel regular-giving programs needs to be justified by demonstrable and sustainable results. Charities can look to their data to understand which channels provide quality and volume, and to donor preferences in terms of payment methods and communications.

This workshop will delve into a comparison of the payment profiles, LTV, and attrition rates, among other variables, of digital donors versus other independent giving channels and explore how charities can adapt acquisition and retention programmes to meet changing demands. The session will share trends and learnings and support your understanding of how to optimise a multi-channel strategy like this while improving retention and extending the lifetime value of regular-giving donors.






Seema Nair (France)
Head of Product Development, SG Support
Rachael Ward (Malaysia)
Head of Digital, SG Support