Global acquisition strategy

Discover UNWFP’s unique model

Unlike traditional UN agencies which advertise through national committees and have staffing plans that may include 10 to 30 people per office, UNWFP’s entire global acquisition team consists of only six people. Their targeting is based on language, not borders, focusing on topics and emergencies allowing the team to accelerate spend and scale at need while acquiring a diverse transnational audience.

You won’t see a UNWFP flyers or meet their canvassers in the streets. That’s because the organisation in investing 100% in digital, which has allowed their team to build a data-driven approach to fundraising with better attribution and measurement that enables them to fully understand the return on their investment.

In its first year, UNWFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work using food to foster global peace & stability. The team will share their creative learnings, alongside examples of evergreen creative featuring famous faces like Liam Neeson & Vanessa Paradis which have supported the acquisition of thousands of donors by educating them on the organisation’s work in conflict zones such as Yemen and Ukraine.