Going the distance: How to thrive in a demanding role

Three leadership strategies for being your best authentic self and building a resilient, high performing fundraising team.

Fundraising is facing a crisis. Too often successful fundraisers are frequently changing jobs due to feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Alternatively, they are leaving the profession altogether. Creating authentic leaders who can build resilient teams that respond proactively to this fast paced world has never been more vital.

In this reflective and interactive workshop you’ll learn about the connection between pressure, wellbeing and fulfilling your potential. You will discover what drives you and how to create the conditions whereby you can be your ‘best self’. You leave with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create a resilient, high performing fundraising team. You will learn how to thrive, no matter how demanding your role becomes.


Learning outcomes

  • You will leave with greater self-awareness and the tools to be an authentic leader.
  • You will know how to address negative beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • You will also be able to readily identify your energising strengths and play to these at work.

The attendees will leave with a ‘My Personal Manual’ for how to be their best self.

Who should attend: This workshop is for any leader or future leader who has experienced feeling overwhelmed and overworked. It is for leaders who want to develop their own authentic leadership style and more comfortably meet the demands of their role.
It is for anyone who wants to increase their resilience and gain tools and techniques to thrive and be their ‘best self’

Session style:

It will be an interactive session with several exercises, including:

  • Strengths finder exercise
  • 5-5-5 questionnaire
  • ABC Model for tackling negative beliefs


Charlotte White (UK)
Executive Coach and Director, Vivid Works