Partnering for grant success

Succeed in grant-seeking in the US and Europe

Stop sending dozens of grant proposals that keep getting rejected! How do you mobilise grant resources internationally? How can you enable your funding partners to approach other donors?

This workshop will tackle these fundamental questions; ones that grant-seekers and grant-makers face all too regularly in a world where money is getting tighter and competition for limited grant dollars is ever-increasing. Following both the Grants Plus and Convert with Joy frameworks – proven for successful grant-seeking – you will be guided participants through how to be grant-ready: how to identify, cultivate, and nurture relationships with grant-makers and how to write grant proposals that don’t get rejected.

The session will balance teaching, exchange, and group work to inspire you to change your fundraising habits using a new approaches to grant proposal writing within proven frameworks.

Interested in a deep dive into this same topic? Grant-seeking is also being covered as a masterclass.

Who is it for?

The session is designed for all grant-seekers and grant-makers. Specifically, it will benefit grant-seekers who have little experience in international fundraising; those looking for shared best practices; grant-makers who want to enable funding partners to diversify their donor bases; and programme officers who want to learn about the workings of international grant-seeking.

Learning outcomes

  • Feel inspired and assured you can confidently secure grants from international grant-makers
  • Take away key learnings on grant proposal writing for US-based grant-making foundations
  • Gain a comprehensive framework to guide their efforts to raise grant funding internationally
  • Learn the key benefits of being united in grant-seeking


Joy Morozov
Impact Creator & CEO, PhilanthroPower
Matt Carter
Senior Advisor, Grants Plus