Grassroots activism & inclusivity

Grassroots activism & inclusivity

Why supporting grassroots activism is the key to unlocking our sector’s potential

This session will focus on the importance of decolonising the charity sector and seeing it for what it is: a neo-colonial saviour weapon.

How can we take the best parts of grassroots and traditional charity work and combine them into something new? A new system that gives charities an end goal to work towards rather than implementing as an alternative to creating real change. Charities come into existence for a reason, but they shouldn’t last forever; a charity that truly fulfils its purpose is one that makes sustainable change and is ultimately no longer needed.

We must look to the ways grassroots groups bring communities together and use that as our starting point. By bringing grassroots activism to the fore, platforming those most marginalised, and implementing full-spectrum community care instead of an oppressive hierarchy of charity saviourism, we can change the world through inclusivity, mutual aid, and radical politics. Envision what our new worlds and systems could look like and be inspired by the communities already cocreating them!






Eshe Kiama Zuri (UK)
Founder, UK Mutual Aid