Great relationship fundraising practice in the Asia context

Asia is well known for its hospitality, but organisations develop systems and processes that can act as barriers to building strong relationships with donors.

Since Ken Burnett published his famous book, “Relationship Fundraising”, in 1992, a lot has been written about this topic. Today it is of more importance because donor retention rates around the world are dropping. Have your organisation’s practices kept up to date? You need to have ecosystems that are donor-focused, not organisation-focused.

In this workshop, participants will learn from one another as well as take away practical ideas that they can apply when they return to work.

Learning outcomes

  • What great relationship fundraising practice is.
  • How great relationship fundraising practice impacts donors and retention rates.
  • How great relationship fundraising practice impacts the organisation.
  • How does great relationship fundraising practice impacts on you and the work you do.




Leo Orland (Australia)
Managing Director, Total Fundraising
Dr Kanchada Piriyarangsan (Thailand)
National Director, Community Children Foundation