Hacking your donor lifetime value with data science

Hacking your donor lifetime value with data science



About this session

The majority of fundraiser aims to boost their donor lifetime and have the perception that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Social Data Intelligence can be used to reach it.  

However, it’s common to hear that “my organisation is not ready to do it”, “have to sort out the basics first” or “we can not afford it. 

In this session, framed by Growth Hacking principles and supported by real life cases from UNICEF, Greenpeace or SOS Children Villages (and more), we will demonstrate that the right moment to change and innovate is right now; and share a couple of tools that will help you to include state of the art technology in your fundraising programme immediately.   

We will start with a dissection of the Lifetime value equation and understand the variables that should be manipulated in order to influence it. We will find both transactional and behaviour dimensions that demand different approaches and technologies.   

Afterwards, we will present a set of sophisticated – but affordable or free – tech tools that will allow you to hack your systems, manipulate data, get insights from your audiences and, consequently, make wisdom decisions, which will help you to improve both your income and retention rates. 


Aimed at

  • Directors, Managers and Heads of Fundraising
  • Communications and Engagement Professionals
  • Digital and Media Strategists
  • Data and CRM
  • Campaigners and Activists


Learning outcomes

  • Related strategy and data science
  • Understand the scientific Lifetime Value Concept (LTV)
  • Map the difference between transactional and behavioural LTV components
  • Learn how to include a data and intelligence approach on the LTV analysis
  • Learn about a new set of technological tools and resources that can be used over the process.
  • Inspiration from cases that show that is possible to move fast and change the game