Harnessing the power of many

Uniting to ensure everyone succeeds

This workshop aims to harness the true power of retail giving, which fundamentally means that collecting small contributions from a large number can be a worthy alternative to support organisations and actions at the grassroots level.

The session has been curated to give you actionable tools and guidelines for building fundraising campaigns from the ground up and will give you a holistic view on adapting development solutions into campaigns suited for online mediums, curating online campaigns and leveraging technology to ensure the campaign reaches as many people as possible. The workshop will be beneficial to community activists and nonprofit organisations and as well as community leaders advocating for solutions and actioning them by mobilising individual generosity. Within this larger context, the session will also focus on the power of storytelling in motivating individual giving and reveal the secrets to effectively using social media and crowdsourcing to fulfill fundraising goals.

Who is it for?

Nonprofit staff, activists, community leaders, fundraisers

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to plan a peoples’ campaign
  • Find out how you can successfully fundraising through retail giving
  • Discover how to leverage technology to harness individual generosity
  • Learn effective communication for retail giving


Puja Biswas
Manager, Partnership and Communications, INDIAdonates