Harnessing the power of stories

Learning from the world’s best storytellers

How do the world’s most successful agencies, brands, journalists, and investment firms use stories to win partnerships, raise money, and get sponsorships? How can we use their tactics when we don’t have their budgets? And what do we do if our organisations struggle to find stories worth telling?

This will be an interactive session dedicated to the power of stories and to learning from outside our sector. The workshop will include things like:

  • An exclusive conversation with a BBC journalist and producer sharing ideas on finding compelling stories, exploring what makes conversations powerful, and discussing how do you can replicate this in your organisations
  • The one tactic Chelsea Football Club used to secure the world’s biggest shirt sponsorship
  • How one donor conversation contained over 30 stories and led to a USD$10 million gift
  • The pitching and relationship-building method that’s taught to the world’s biggest investment firms to raise billions
  • How one charity immersed prospective supporters in their impact when it couldn’t immerse them in its work – and secured a USD$600k gift

Whether you’re not sure stories have a place in your organisation or you have colleagues reticent to use them, you’ll the session with tangible ideas and tactics to increase your own skill and confidence to find, keep, tell, and use stories when it matters most.

Who is it for?


Learning outcomes

  • TBC


Ben Swart
Associate, Brightspot Fundraising
Sally Flatman
Producer & Presenter, Our Plant Stories