Harnessing the restorative power of anger for systems and social change campaigns

In this session, we’ll explore behavior science for reframing and leveraging cataclysmic emotions.

Can emotional awareness and management fuel creativity and be leveraged to generate positive, high-impact outcomes? How might this approach be applied to systems and social change campaigns?

In a world riddled with polarities, this session aims to tap into the fuel that sparks change – yet converted for the greater good. This workshop will walk participants through classical theories of anger in philosophical and psychological literature that have led us to believe that the emotion comes from specific parts of the brain triggered by the world around us, But we depart there and will explore the most recent advances in neuroscientific research challenging this view and suggest that emotions are psychological experiences that each of us constructs based on our unique personal history, physiology and environment. These emerging perspectives have serious implications for how we – and ultimately, our organisations – may embrace anger-fueled action in society. The workshop will be taught in a train-the-trainer format that includes theory of constructed emotion and a tool for decoding personal irritations to unlock increased empathy and creativity that can be applied to organisational campaigns striving to create systems and positive social change.

Learning outcomes

  • Train-the-trainer tools for reframing anger in a personal and organisational sense
  • Updated versions and interpretation of the latest theories and research in terms of emotional and cognitive processes in regards to human behavior
  • New approach to conventional challenges fundraisers may face in terms of developing and delivering high-impact organisational campaigns

Who should attend: Organizational strategists, connectors, thought leaders, influencers.

Session style:

  • Contemporary presentations: the latest research and trends in anger as a lever for behavioral change in relationship to systems and social change campaigns
  • Facilitated networking: social capital community building and idea networking
  • Transferable skills building
  • Futurecasting and next steps: converting your ideas into reality, taking it forward as a collective
  • Wrap-up and reflection


Courtney Savie Lawrence (Thailand)
Senior Global Consultant, CourtneySavie.com; Co-founder and Strategic Advisor, DSIL Global
Margaret Rose (Trinidad & Tobago)
Founder, U-Solve SELE