Harassment isn’t just in Hollywood: Creating long-standing cultural change to tackle sexual harassment

Research suggests 52% of women have experienced unwanted and inappropriate behaviour at work; 80% of those women did not report it. But this isn’t just a “women’s issue” with 5% of men also reporting having been sexually harassed at work. 

In the wake of the #metoo and #timesup movements, what is the fundraising sector doing to protect its people and its colleagues? 

This workshop explains what constitutes workplace harassment and how to identify and prevent it occurring. But this is not a lecture on the law. It is a practical and interactive workshop where open discussion with peers is encouraged. 


Aimed at: 

Leaders in the fundraising sector looking to drive change in their organisation. 


Learning outcomes: 

Participants will leave with: 

  • An understanding of what constitutes harassment and how to differentiate between sexual harassment and gender discrimination 
  • The skills to effectively react to complaints and implement practical prevention methods  
  • An understanding of bystander intervention and the skills to encourage proactive empathy and collective responsibility for cultivating the company culture

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Lisa Bell (UK)
HR Director, Tell Jane